Right sized and progressive

We deploy a complete suite of services to better serve investors in emerging markets.


Thanks to two decades of experience, JESA looks beyond standard management consulting practices to develop and execute customized and experience-based solutions for its clients.

JESA assists its clients in their day-to-day operational needs through an in-house multidisciplinary team of professionals. Strategic analysis, investment planning, corporate and consulting services, company establishment, accounting-tax-audit assistance, headhunting and recruitment, HR administration, and advisory are the backbone of JESA’s solutions.

Strategic Analysis & Implementation

JESA conducts deep studies and due diligences to build measurable and achievable goals designed to meet the investors’ needs and mitigate risks while managing business projects in China and Saudi Arabia, and Finland. Jesa is also active for M&A in Germany and Slovenia.

JESA works hand in hand with its clients to assist them in their long-term development and success.

Financial Advisory

JESA’s financial boutique, JESA Capital, enables investors to find the most suitable partner to create strategic value in the long term.

JESA connects its clients with organizations that can enable successful business expansion in China, Asia and the Middle East, Finland, Germany and Slovenia while also advising them on the most appropriate financial structure (debt and equity mix).

Administration & Accounting

JESA provides accounting, tax, and audit solutions in China to both foreign and Chinese companies, fulfilling both local and international standards. JESA's solutions are defined on a case by case and step by step basis in order to offer customized and trustable advisory, as well as long-lasting added value.

In the context of fast-changing regulations and constantly evolving business environments, JESA's experience and expertise are always at the service of its clients.

JESA allows foreign companies to track and monitor their branches, by building a complete accounting system that fulfills local and international accounting standards.

HR & Staffing

In China, JESA offers a complete package of HR services to both foreign and Chinese invested companies.

JESA’s HR service platform includes headhunting & recruitment, payroll calculation & processing, HR administration assistance, audit reviews, and advisory (Staff Manual, labor contract draft, etc.).

In terms of an executive search, JESA provides its clients with the most suitable middle and senior level profiles. JESA structures a multi-layer recruiting process that focuses on the evaluation of professional skills and personal characteristics needed according to both the job description and the Chinese HR market standards. JESA counts on strong relations with industry associations, government authorities, and educational & research institutions, that are the most relevant hubs to reach the best pool of talents.

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