Right sized and progressive

We deploy a complete suite of services to better serve investors in emerging markets.

Financial Advisory


JESA Capital enables businesses to grow through loans from leading Mainland lenders. This happens thanks to the following actions:
- JESA Capital applies for and negotiates with lenders to ensure the best terms possible;
- JESA Capital represents the client’s interest with lenders;
- JESA Capital develops tailored products, and big loans to enable scalable growth.

Business Development

JESA Capital connects Entrepreneurs and Managers with clients and strategic investors to create business expansion opportunities that will exponentially increase sales and market shares.

JESA Capital works with stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of their business in the home country and in China.

JESA Capital makes its experience available to match its clients with organizations in China that can:
- Materially expand their profits - these include long-term supplier and vendor agreements that can originate financing packages;
- Exponentially grow sales - introductions to large state-owned companies and major national distributors.

For mid-market Italian and European companies, these operations now make a China listing-spinoff feasible


- JESA Capital works with company's owners to identify and model potential opportunities to third-party investors;

- JESA Capital cooperates with China based investors to locate and acquire compelling assets in Italy and its surrounding regions;

- JESA Capital works alongside the seller in Europe to support in the identification of the best possible partner/investors.

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