News & Insights


  • In this issue:

    · Education Industry in China

    · China: 2020 New Negative List to Further Opening-Up in Foreign Investment

    · New China-Italy Double Taxation Agreement: Ratification by the Italian Senate

    · New Regulations on the Cosmetics Industry in China

    · Infographic: Male Beauty Boom in China

    · Update on Temporarily Ban Policy to Enter China

    · Social Insurance Payment in Beijing for Non-Beijing Entities

    · IIT Update for Who Get Salary for the First Time in 2020 and Student Interns

    · Advertisement Law

  • In this issue:

    · 5G: News from the Chinese Government

    · Incentives for China's Vehicles and a Quick Overview of the Industry

    · The New Chinese Civil Code

    · China: Social Security Update

    · Non-fixed Work Time Application in China

    · 3rd CIIE Opens up to Visitors

  • In this issue:

    · Greetings from Shanghai

    · China Raises Export Tax Rebate on Many Products

    · Preferential Income Tax Policy Extended for Enterprises in Chinese Western Regions

    · CIT Annnual Filing

    · Temporarily Ban Policy to Enter China

    · COVID-19 and HR Management 

    · Canton Fair Spring Session: Online Event (15-24 June)

  • In this issue:

    · 28 Comprehensive Measures to Reduce Enterprises' Burden in Shanghai and Support to Foreign Invested Enterprises at National Level

    · HR Supporting Policies related to COVID-19

    · The "new coronavirus" and Certificate of Force Majeure

    · Guideline on Shanghai as International Financial Center & Integrated Development of Yangtze River Delta

    · China: Catalogue for Guiding Industry Restructuring

    · 2020 Monthly Tax Declaration Calendar

    · China Mainland: Social Insurance Measures for HK, Macao and Taiwan residents

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