News & Insights


  • In this issue:

    · The Internal Accounting Audit Function in China

    · Amid Legal and Illegal Boundaries: Waste Management in the Chinese Way

    · Chinese Working Calendar 2017 (infographic)

  • In this issue:

    · Trump and the U.S.A.'s Isolationism: an Opportunity for Europe and China

    · China's Aviation is Taking Off

    · Italy Received Green-light to Import Pork Meat into China

    · Paternity Leave Approaches 29 Chinese Provinces: Will the Policy Have Positive effects on Birth Rate?

  • In this issue:

    · The Lower the Better: China Reduces Corporate Costs;

    · 7 New FTZz in China's Inner Regions;

    · China Reduces Consumption Tax on Cosmetic Product (info-graph).

  • In this issue:

    · The future of SMEs in Europe: merge, cooperate or die

    · New filing system for Foreign Invtested Enterprises in China

    · Registered capital in China: undertaking the best strategy

    · A brief overview on the Social Insurance in China (infograph)

  • In this issue:

    · Sichuan and Chongqing to become the new top FDIs clusters in China

    · Virtual Reality in China 

    · Short notices
    "Five-in-one" Registration system to be Effective in China Starting October 1st 2016
    Policies Initiated on the 1st July 2016

  • In this issue:

    · China overpasteps credit cards: from cash, straight to e-money

    · The imminent global transition to service sector intensive economies
    · Short notices
     New "Three- in - one" business license; Social insurance reductions

  • In this issue:

    · Automotive Industry, A Growing Sector

    · China's Agricultural Modernization

    · New Tariff Policy for Cross Boder E-commerce

  • In this issue:

    · The Chinese Football Revolution

    · VAT Reform Notice

    · Importing used spare parts and machines is now faster and safer

  • In this issue:

    · Short Notices: 
      Social Insurance; VAT; Visa Regulations; Annual Compliance Activities' Due Dates

    · Exploiting Wechat as a Marketing Tool;

    · The Chocolate Market in China

  • In this issue:

    · The Chinese Demographic Evolution

    · Chinese Middle Class insight

  • In this issue:

    · 2016: where is China going? The mutation

    · The growth path of pet food market in China

    · China's Environmental Industry

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