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  • In this issue:

    ·     Yesterday is an important memory but Tomorrow is what matters

    ·     China and E-commerce a compel-ling opportunity for leading European SME in the F&B industry


  • In this issue:

    ·      2014: A critical year

    ·      China's new reform plan

    ·      Chinese outbound FDI

  • In this issue:

    ·      A striking interest in China from Italy

    ·      The importance of gift-giving in China

    ·      Shanghai Free Trade Zone

  • In this issue:

    ·      Looking ahead finding new opportunities in foreign markets

    ·      Italy & China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investments

    ·      Rainmakers “?”


  • In this issue:

    ·      The spirit of the 50s?

    ·      China in a crisis?

    ·      The search for individuality in the Chinese luxury good market


  • In this issue:

    ·      Invest abroad in order to create job positions also in Italy

    ·      Made In: Not simply geographical origin, know-how is what really matters to be successful

    ·      Tips to face China’s high employment turnover rate


  • In this issue:

    ·      A congress on business opportunities in fast growing countries

    ·      Growing demand for green furnishing in China

    ·      A flexible business model: a key to succeed

  • In this issue:

    ·      A congress on business opportunities in fast growing countries

    ·      Opportunities in China’s Baby Food Market

    ·      A Brief introduction on China’s taxation system

  • In this issue:

    ·      New opportunities coming from Mongolia

    ·      Investment opportunities in the dairy market

    ·      Chinese labour costs, no cheap anymore


  • In this issue:

    ·      Obstacles to the internationalization of Italian companies

    ·      Is FIAT tradition of underperformance in China going to change?

    ·      A step back from transparency in China


  • In this issue:

    · Campagna elettorale e situazione economica italiana

    · The changes in young Chinese consumers' behavior

    · New policy: 72 hour visa-free transit through Beijing and Shanghai for international travelers

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