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  • In this issue:

    · A New Way of Thinking about Highways: the "Expressway"  

    · Una Nuova Concezione di Autostrada: la "Superstrada" 

    · How Could China Manage the Battery Recycling Process?  

    · Come Verrà Gestito il Processo di Riciclaggio delle Batterie in Cina? 

    · China Will Cut Value-Added Tax Rates since May 1st

    · China Imposes Tariffs to 128 American Import Items  

    · Jiangsu Province - Flash News

  • In this issue:

    · How Chinese imports ban on foreign waste (洋垃圾) could create an opportunituty for foreign companies 

    · Come il blocco Cinese alle importazioni di rifiuti stranieri (洋垃圾) può creare opportunità per le aziende straniere

    · New Organizations to be formed under China's Cabinet

    · Chinese New Year 2018 Spending

  • In this issue:

    · Potential Solutions for the Need of Available Liquidity in China

    · Possibili Soluzioni per le Necessità di Liquidità Disponibile in Cina

    · Part-Time: an Alternative to Full-Employment in China

  • In this issue:

    · Think well before investing...  

    · Pensare bene prima di investire... 

    · 2018 China Monthly Tax Declaration Deadline Calendar

    · Most Relevant Annual Compliance Activities in China, 2018 Deadlines

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