News & Insights


  • In this issue:

    · Fraud Prevention

    · Termination and Dissolution of Labor Contract in China.

    · Upgrands in the Nagative Lists for Foreign Investment in China in 2019

    · China Enhances the Development on Clean Coal Heating

    · Clarifications on "Occasional Incomes" - Notice of Taxable Items of Individual Income Tax on the Relevant Incomes Obtained by Individuals

  • In this issue:

    · Italy is not only Food and Fashion


    · EU-China Aviation Agreement signed on May, 20th


    · China Changes Pre-Packaged Food Label Regulation

    · Employee Non-Competition Argeement

    · Annual Reports and Discolure System in China

    · Corporate Income Tax Policy for Integrated Circuit Production and Software Enterprises


    · Comprehensive Plan of Reducing Social Insurance Premium Rates


  • In this issue:

    · How to Strategically Relocate Manufacturing Companies across China

    · Reduction to VAT Rates in China from April 1st, 2019

    · Small and Micro Enterprises in China: Preferential CIT Rates

    · The New China's Foreign Investment Law Company Law

    · Update of Social Contribution Limits in Shanghai

    · Hukou Restrictions Eliminated for Some Cities

    · Updated Chinese Working Calendar 

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